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TweetPartner - Twitter Automation Bot
Twitter Automation

Twitter bot to get exposure to your business on autopilot.

In this day and age, Twitter is important. Having your presence on Twitter is very beneficial in so many ways.

Ever wondered how some businesses and individuals have so much exposure on Twitter? You can get that too using right methods. 

Increase your tweet likes/retweets and your followers automatically using TweetPartner and see incredible exposure to your business.

Sit back, relax and let TweetPartner work for you.

TweetPartner Features

Unique and Amazing features of TweetPartner makes it one of the best Twitter marketing tool.

Twitter Scheduling

Schedule your posts to Twitter to be posted at any time.

Twitter Auto Like

Automatically like other users posts based on hashtags or usernames.

Twitter Auto Follow

Automatically follow other users accounts based on hashtags or usernames.

Twitter Auto Retweets

Automatically retweet other users tweets based on hashtags or usernames.

Twitter Auto Unfollow

Automatically unfollow users based on certain conditions.

Twitter Auto Direct Message

Automatically send messages to your followers or following on Twitter.

Use with Multiple Twitter Accounts

Search Tweets right from the Dashboard

Advanced Analytics & Statistics

Powerful File Manager

Twitter Auto Poster & Scheduler

Twitter Scheduling & Automation

Automate your whole Twitter Marketing with TweetPartner Twitter Automation Tool. Schedule posts to your Twitter accounts and automate Twitter activities all from one dashboard!

If you’re still not utilising full benefits of twitter or wasting your time doing manual labour for twitter marketing, you’re missing out on a lot of things.

See incredible growth of your business with the use of TweetPartner.

Twitter Auto Follow

By following other users on Twitter, you can get more exposure to your Twitter account and get those users to follow you back in return.

You can follow based on Hashtags or username targeting option with Twitter Follower bot.

With username targeting, you can target followers of your competitors and get them to know you!

Twitter Auto Follow
Twitter Auto Like - TweetPartner

Twitter Auto Like

Just think of the people you can reach by automatically liking their posts based on hashtags or just target followers of particular users, say your competitors. 

When you like their tweets, they will certainly check out your profile in return to see who liked it. 

In return for liking their tweets, you get their attention. 

Twitter Auto Retweets

Retweets are important part of Twitter marketing and with TweetPartner’s Auto Retweet feature, you can do a lot without actually doing anything.

You can set TweetPartner to take the auto retweet others’ tweets based on hashtags or usernames.

By using username targeting option, you can automatically retweet your own tweets from your other twitter accounts.

Apart from the obvious benefits, it has some SEO benefits too, as Google considers tweets/retweets as ranking signal!

Twitter Auto Retweet

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